Traffic Collision Consultants Inc.

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Collision Consultant Company in Walnut Creek, CA

Collision Consultant Company in Walnut Creek, CA

Traffic Collision Consultants Inc. consists of an ACTAR certified traffic collision consultant that is a distinguished, retired member of the San Francisco Police Department. He previously held rank in both supervisory and investigative positions. In order to conduct all of the analyses we do, we use a number of different traffic collision tools that range from computer programs to crush deformation jigs and highly-sophisticated vehicle crash system read-outs. Below, you'll learn more about our traffic collision forensic tools.

Computer Programs

Our collision consultant company in Walnut Creek, CA, uses computer systems from vehicle specification programs, such as Expert Autostats, to complete reconstruction systems like AR Pro, V-Star, I.D.R.R. and Aras 360. These tools aid in producing results that can be produced and enhanced for visual aids.

DBD Crush Deformation Jig

Our crush deformation jig provides a wealth of information. This is a tool used to measure the inward deformation of a motor vehicle for speed and force direction analysis.

Bosch Crash Data Retrieval System

With retrieval by Bosch, we can easily download vehicle-specific crash information data that could be used to analyze and reconstruct collisions, just like airplane crash investigators do when they retrieve the data from "black boxes." Our experts are specifically trained and certified in the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) system. This system allows the expert to download both pre-crash and post-crash data from onboard diagnostic systems.

Currently, this software and interface support passenger vehicles, light trucks, and SUVs manufactured by General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler. This technology can be used in the accident investigation, to analyze the impact speed of a supported vehicle's airbag control module from five seconds before up until the impact. This new access to information includes vehicle speed, braking status, delta-V, and time analysis. There are no additional charges for the use of any of these services, other than for the time necessary to perform the service.